Fiorenzo Dorigo - Massimo Dorigo - Luca Garbet

Cell is the soft seating system designed to create personalized waiting and informal meeting areas within open plan spaces. The high back version in fact, thanks to its "enveloping" lines allows a special sound – proofing that helps creating a comfortable and private space where you can relax or work comfortably. In addition to the armchairs and to the high back sofas, the seating range Cell includes many other different solutions: a two-seater sofa, a low back armchair, a conference chair and the pouf.

All the Cell collection is made with innovative materials that give shape to products comfortable, durable and with a contemporary design. To give more functionality to Cell, it may be equipped with an elegant revolving table. In the high back versions the revolving table is assembled in such a way that one can easily bring it to the back part of the chair allowing a useful supporting plane.

All products of the collection can adopt a wide range of optional: Bluetooth audio player and speakers to listen to the music at the highest quality without headphones, USB pop-up charging to charge one or two mobile devices simultaneously, aircharge surface to recharge via Wi-Fi smartphones by placing the device on the table.

This seating collection with countless finishes, upholsteries and different bases in steel or wood offers the freedom to personalize their areas by choosing the best options.

Ražotājs Sitland, Itālija